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Events Calendar and Schedule

Check out the calendar for these activities and others.

Bible Study

Bible Study and Small Group support and learning opportunities are always available at Union. We believe that God has placed us in a Family of Faith so that we may learn and grow in Christ and serve together more effectively.

United Methodist Women

The members of United Methodist Women at Union are part of our district, conference and national United Methodist Women who number about 800,000. Using a combination of lunch, dinner, and evening meetings at Church and circle gatherings in homes, we ensure all women and teens can participate. At each gathering there is a devotional message and a program, speaker, or mission project such as making health or school kits to help us to carry out our purpose. We have fund raising events, including spring and fall flea markets and a strawberry festival, to help us meet our mission pledge. At Christmas we remember the "at home" members of the church with cookies and a gift, and we give Christmas gifts to the children served by the Methodist Home for Children. We invite the women of the surrounding churches and the community to join us for our programs and projects.

Family Fun Nights
These fun, fellowship events are held every third Friday. All are welcome to join us. This is for our community and for the church family. There are three kinds of programming for these evenings which begin at 7 p.m.
• Game Nights – Wii Games on a big screen as well as Table Board Games.
• Wii Bowling Team for youth and adults – call the church to sign up!
• Special Programs: Delco Bird Club, a Magician, Advent Family Night, and many more.

United Methodist Men Family Breakfast

All are invited to a delicious breakfast cooked and served by the men of Union at 9:00 a.m. on the second Sunday in each month (excluding December and the month in which Easter falls and the summer months June thru September).

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